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(October 11-12, 2024)

Dear Colleague,

The International Symposium on New Trends in Language Studies, organized for the second time by Social Sciences University of Ankara (SSUA), will comprehensively discuss language studies around the world in the 21st century. The aim is to address every aspect of language, which is the most significant element shaping people’s communication on an international scale. Topics of discussion will include technological advancements, applications of artificial intelligence, bilingualism, migration, tourism, healthcare, literature, technology, and education, focusing on the purposes and content through which language manifests itself, as well as the impact it has on addressing emerging issues. The rapidly changing world necessitates the reassessment of existing practices and studies, as well as the discussion of new trends and approaches. Our university has the mission to contribute to the advancement of science, society, and humanity through education, research, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility activities in the field of social sciences, and the vision to lead the advancement of social sciences through pioneering work as a specialized university. In light of this vision, the symposium aims to contribute to international language studies.

The International Symposium on New Trends in Language Studies, which will be held for the second time in October 11-12, 2024, aims to thoroughly discuss the following topics and propose solutions:

• The Position and Importance of Turkish in the World
• New Developments in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
• Translation Studies
• Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Language
• Teacher’s Research in Foreign Language Teaching
• New Practices in Foreign Language Assessment and Evaluation

Each paper submitted to the symposium will undergo a double-blind peer review process. All accepted works will be included in the book of abstracts. Additionally, selected works will be published in special issues of the internationally indexed World Language Studies, the journal of SSUA Faculty of Foreign Languages, ( and Eurasian Journal of Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies (EAJLTLS) ( Participation in the symposium is free of charge, and contributions with abstract proposals prepared in Turkish, Russian and English are welcomed.

The deadline for abstract submission to the symposium is 31 July 2024. For detailed information about the symposium, please visit

We would like to express our delight at the prospect of welcoming esteemed researchers like yourselves to the International Symposium on New Trends in Language Studies, to be held at Social Sciences University of Ankara on October 11-12, 2024. We wish you all the best and every success in your studies.

Yours sincerely,


Chair of the Symposium Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. İsmail ÇAKIR


Note: Our symposium qualifies for the TÜBİTAK 2224-B Grant Program for Participation in Scientific Meetings within the Country application requirements. 

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